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On Becoming a Parent While in Grad School

By Andrew Nelson


So here it is. What all readers of this blog have been hoping for. A definitive guide to becoming a parent while in grad school.

Why should you believe I am the right person to provide this advice and continue reading?

I can’t use the “Because I said so” method here (or with my daughter because she doesn’t get words yet), but the fact that I did become a father mere weeks ago — and managed to get through final presentations, exams and work with a child in their most unpredictable stage — provides pretty good credentials.

Granted, I did have it easy being on the male side of parenthood. My wife, and all women, really deserve a lot of praise for what they go through.

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Part Time MBA Student and Sustainability Analyst Shares MBA Experience

By Max Bielenberg


Today’s profile is about Robert Ellsworth, a current part time MBA student who works as a corporate sustainability analyst at Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc.




Q: Can you tell us about your educational and professional background?

A: I earned my B.S. in Biology & Ecology from San Diego State University. Not one day goes by that I do not miss San Diego ocean air, 80 degree weather and 100% sunshine 365 days of the year.

Ecological and life sciences have been a passion mine since childhood. My interests in sustainability were jumped started at SDSU as I and others led a campus-wide initiative, coined “Green Love”, raising millions through student fee referendums, private donations, and alumni foundation givings to fund the construction of a LEED Platinum certified Student Union, multiple large-scale solar-PV arrays, and many more efficiency projects.

Also as an undergrad, I held an internship through the Alliance to Save Energy’s Green Campus Program. The program partnered directly with California’s investor-owned utilities on major efficiency projects and conservation efforts across campus.

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From Marketing to Supply Chain – Transitioning My Career While I Transition My Career


By Rob Hodgson


When I started PSU's MBA program, I really didn't know what I wanted to do. My background was in video production and I used to work for a marketing consultant, so by default I decided I should probably focus on marketing. I wasn't necessarily passionate about the subject, but it felt like a good fit.

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May 1st Priority Admissions Deadline – Apply While Space is Available


By Abby Messenger


May 1st is our last official application deadline for Fall 2015 admissions! As a priority admissions deadline, it is the last date that we can guarantee space availability in our Fall 2015 cohort. As the deadline is less than a month away, there are some helpful steps that you can be taking to ensure than your file is complete by May 1:

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MBA Student Ben Nahir Discusses Transition from Neuroscience Research to Business

By Max Bielenberg


As part of our continuing interview series with current students, I recently met with Ben Nahir, a first-year MBA candidate interested in entrepreneurship, biotech and sustainability.




Q: Can you tell me about your background before you came to the PSU MBA program?

A: I went to undergrad at Harvey Mudd and got a degree in mathematical biology. After that, I went to the University of Florida to get my PhD in neuroscience. My wife also got her PhD at UF. We moved back to Oregon — my home state — to be post-doctoral researchers at OHSU.

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Part Time MBA Student Gains Career Clarity Through Mentorship Program

By Dan Keefe



I’m fond of saying that choosing to go back to school after you’ve been out of it for a while is an admission that you don’t know everything you need to.

If that is uncomfortable to admit to yourself, then the thought of joining a mentorship program probably makes your skin crawl. Not only have you admitted to yourself that you don’t know everything, but now you’re admitting that even after all of your professional and life experience, you might not know what you’re doing.

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Admissions Tips: The Two-Part Application Process: Confirming that Your File is Complete


By Abby Messenger



While we provide a concise overview of our application process on the MBA program website, some applicants are not always aware that there are, in fact, two applications required to submit a complete file for the Portland State MBA.

To make sure that you are gathering the correct materials for each application, check out our breakdown of the two-part application process below:

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MBA Academic Director Tichelle Sorensen Discusses Career Transition from Law to Academia

By Max Bielenberg


Last week I met with Tichelle Sorensen, Academic Director of the PSU MBA program, to talk about her experiences as a student and faculty member at PSU, as well as her recent trip to Uganda with Mercy Corps. Tichelle was a member of one of the first graduating cohorts of the PSU MIM program.

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Net Impact Careers in Sustainability Breakfast

By Max Bielenberg

Two weeks ago Portland State Net Impact held its annual Careers in Sustainability Breakfast, an event which brings together sustainability professionals and Portland State students from a variety of programs to network, learn and eat bagels together.

The breakfast provided a great opportunity to hear more about the intersections of business and sustainability in Portland, as well as time to personally reflect on all that’s happened on my MBA journey since last year’s version of the same event.

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Demystifying the Supplemental Evaluation Process

By Abby Messenger



Our admissions committee works hard each year to admit students who will enrich classroom conversation and increase learning opportunities.

Strong work history, managerial experience, non-traditional undergraduate study, and distinct personal backgrounds are some indicators that our committee evaluates, but another area of importance is international citizenship.

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