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By Abby Messenger


Are you preparing to take the GMAT or GRE?

If so, here is a list of free prep resources to prepare for either the GMAT or the GRE:

Free Kaplan GMAT/GRE Practice Tests 


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Career Changers: English Major to MBA Candidate

By Max Bielenberg



I can clearly recall the experience that first led me to consider getting an MBA. Unlikely as it may sound, it was eating a sea salt chocolate chip cookie at Avalon International Breads in Detroit, Michigan (motto: Eat Well, Do Good). I was working as a teacher’s assistant in the Saint Paul public schools and had taken the summer off to volunteer on urban organic farms in Detroit and then bicycle the Pacific Coast.

On my day off from harvesting arugula and hammering in tomato stakes, I decided to traipse around the city on a beat-up mountain bike lent to me by my host. On my ride, I encountered Avalon, a self-described triple-bottom line business that provides a living wage, health insurance, and is credited with helping to spur the revival of its particular corner of the Motor City.

I had never heard of a triple-bottom line business before and had never considered getting a business degree. Yet the more I read about Avalon and what it provided for its employees and community, the more I realized that solid business skills can produce the most meaningful kind of social impact.

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Faculty: Charla Mathwick and Jill Mosteller Publish Article in Journal of Consumer Marketing

Charla MathwickCharla Mathwick

Perfect timing for the year's busiest retail season — Portland State's Charla Mathwick (with Jill Mosteller) coauthored an article titled “Reviewer Online Engagement: The Role of Rank, Well-Being, and Market Helping Behavior," which appeared in vol 31, issue 6/7 of Journal of Consumer Marketing.

The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of a retailer-managed ranking system on product reviewers’ well-being and its relationship to customer engagement.

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Career Services Team Offers Career Panels, Employer Visits and Mentor Program

By Jodi Nelson


Fall term is the busiest term for the career services team here at Portland State University. The last three months have included three career panels, five employer visits, the kickoff to our mentor program and countless other workshops, networking events and more.

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Intel Interview Workshop Provides Valuable Insights

By Max Bielenberg



As fall term draws to a close, graduation no longer seems so far away.

For both graduate and undergraduate students alike, the job hunt is beginning in earnest. Students are fine-tuning their resumes, conducting informational interviews, and squeezing in one last internship. Fortunately, Career Services and other on-campus organizations offer resources to help students successfully make the transition to their next job.

This past Thursday, I attended one such event. Titled “Workshop With a Pro: Preparing For Your Interview,” it featured Diane Hwang, a Marketing Program Manager at Intel.

The event was standing room only as dozens of graduate and undergraduate students gathered to hear Hwang speak about resume, cover letter, and interview tips.

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Career Changers: MBA Student Jim Simmons Plans Transition to Career in Higher Education

By Max Bielenberg


Jim SimmonsJim SimmonsToday we continue our series profiling current MBA candidates. I sat down to chat with Jim SImmons (MBA '15) to discuss his experiences at Portland State and his goals for after graduation.

Q: Can you tell me a bit about your professional and academic background?

A: I grew up in Southern Oregon but through no choice of my own ended up in Tulsa, OK where I got my undergraduate degree in marketing many years ago, graduating from Oral Roberts University in 1986. After college I spent about eight to ten years in the advertising industry working for a number of agencies, including BBDO, Bozell, and Deutsch, primarily in Los Angeles.

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Guest Post: Cori Batey Explores Sports Business Strategies Course

By Cori Batey


Our tour of the Trail Blazers locker roomOur tour of the Trail Blazers locker room

When I started thinking about which electives to take, I knew I wanted something unusual and unique, something I could only find at Portland State. When I heard about Brian Berger’s Sports Business Strategies, I knew I had found a class that fit the bill.

Brian Berger is an industry professional, with two decades worth of experience in sports marketing and public relations. He is the founder and host of Sports Business Radio and the founder of BBPR and the media training firm Everything is on the Record. Through all of these avenues, Brian has worked with companies like Nike and adidas, various sports teams and athletes, and countless other industry professionals.

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MBA "Coffee Chats" to Take Place This Week

By Kelly Doherty


Tichelle SorensenTichelle Sorensen

Are you thinking about applying to the Portland State MBA program for 2015 admission?

If so — and you live in the Portland area — you may be interested in attending one of our upcoming MBA "Coffee Chats" hosted by MBA Academic Director Tichelle Sorensen. She'll be hosting these events at neighborhood coffee shops throughout the Portland area this week. 

You're invited to bring your most pressing questions and join in the conversation at one of our 4 coffeehouse chat locations below.

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MBA Student Profile: Net Impact President Cal Gosla III

By Max Bielenberg

Today's installment of our ongoing series on MBA students introduces Cal Gosla III, a Portland State MBA student who is also President of our local Net Impact chapter.


Cal Gosla IIICal Gosla III

Q: Can you tell me a bit about your educational and professional background?

A: I graduated from the University of Arizona in 2009 with a degree in aerospace engineering. I started working right after school with Raytheon Missile Systems as a systems engineer. I did that for four years and quit to come back to school and get an MBA.

Q: Tell me more about your reasons for pursuing an MBA in general, and at Portland State in particular.

I didn’t feel like I was living up to my full potential in a purely technical role. I had always been interested in business, especially through conversations with my Dad, so I wanted to explore that. I was interested in entrepreneurship and starting up my own company. I couldn’t be happy as a human being unless I explored that; I’d never be able to live with myself unless I took the chance and risk of going back to business school.

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MBA Alumni Employment Statistics

By Jodi Nelson

Every year we track the career status of our graduates from the full time MBA program. We use this information for benchmarking, we submit it to publications and we answer questions from prospective MBA students about what they can expect in terms of employability.

We recently compiled the data for graduates between July 2013 and June 2014. Nearly half of all graduates (48%) had accepted a job by graduation. By three months post-graduation, that number rose to 68%. Usually by six months post-graduation, over 90% of graduates are employed.

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