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Faculty News: Meiru Liu Receives Award

Congratulations go out to School of Business Administration faculty member, Meiru Lu, for receiving "The Creative and Excellent Paper Award” for her presentation on “Case Study and Analysis of Three Chinese Language Teacher Training Models: the U.S. FederalGovernment’s "StarTalk," Hanban’s "5P," and CIPSU’s Task-Based Training."

She received the award at the 11th International Conference on Chinese Language Teaching, co-sponsored and organized by Hanban (Confucius Institute Headquarters) and the International Society for Chinese Language Teaching. The conference was held in Xi’an, China on August 16-18, 2012.

She was also invited as a keynote panelist at the plenary session, and delivered a speech and answered questions on “What Kind of Chinese Language Teachers are Needed in Various Countries in the World?” at the same conference.

Nobuko Murakami-ChalfenNobuko Murakami-ChalfenNobuko Murakami-Chalfen, faculty member and Master of International Management Japanese teacher, has received the Pacific NW Postsecondary Teacher of the Year Award. She was selected by Pacific Northwest Council For Languages (PNCFL) to receive the 2012 Ray Verzasconi Pacific Northwest Postsecondary Teacher of the Year Award.

Erica Wagner (with Sue Newell and William Kay) published an article titled “Enterprise systems projects: the role of liminal space in enterprise systems implementation” in the October issue of the Journal of Information Technology.

Berrin Erdogan (with Monica Gavino and Sandy Wayne) published an article titled “Discretionary and Transactional Human Resource Practices and Employee Outcomes: the Role of Perceived Organizational Support” in the October issue of Human Resource Management.

Lauren Beitelspacher (with Mert Tokman, Frank Gay Adams, and Glenn Richey) published an article titled “Retail service-based operant resources and market performance” in the International Journal of Logistics Management.

Jeanne Enders (with Darko Pantelić, Andreas Zehetner, and Domagoja Buljan Barbaca) published an article titled “Overcoming Future Crises: Quality of Education in Business Schools as a Predecessor of Competitiveness” in Strategic Management.

Alan Cabelly gave a talk titled “Different Perspectives on Leadership: What You Can Learn from Today's Thought Leaders," presented to the 74th Annual NHRMA Conference in Anchorage, AK on October 2.

Jill Mosteller presented “Transformational Solutions of Self through Companion Animals” at the Association of Consumer Research North American Conference in Vancouver, BC from October 4-7.

Neil Ramiller presented “The Crisis of the Voice: Finding places for Imperfection in a Post-Vocal World,” 2012 Annual Conference of the Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs in Portland, Oregon on October 20, 2012.

Jennifer Loney presented “Preparing Students for Evolving Workplaces” and “Transforming Business Communication Through Technologies in the Classroom — What Works!” at the Association for Business Communication's (ABC) 77th Annual International Convention in Honolulu, HI on October 25. She was also asked to chair the Teaching With Technology SIG (Special Interest Group) for ABC.

Lihong Qian attended the 32nd Strategic Management Society annual conference in Prague in October, and presented the following paper: “Aspire to Innovate: How a Firm's Technological and Financial Aspiration Levels Affect its Technology Deployment Decision.”


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By Kelly Doherty: Kelly is the Director of Marketing and Recruiting for the Portland State Graduate Business Programs. She leads the global marketing and branding initiatives and student recruitment strategy for five distinct graduate business programs including: MBA, Master of International Management, Master of Science in Financial Analysis, Master of Real Estate Development and the Healthcare MBA programs.You can connect with Kelly on LinkedIn.


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