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Organizational Management & the Portland Trail Blazers

From left: Matt Patton, Kusai Zarrugh, Kendall Tremont, Mallory Miller (all MBA 2013)From left: Matt Patton, Kusai Zarrugh, Kendall Tremont, Mallory Miller (all MBA 2013)One of the most valuable aspects of the Portland State MBA has been the networking opportunities the program has provided for me. Activities and events offered through the School of Business have many opportunities to network with  local professionals and business leaders.

From guest speakers to professors with extensive industry experience, the MBA curriculum has also helped me develop strong business acumen, a growing professional network and leadership skills.





A recent project for my Organizational Management course combined business, leadership and networking skills. The project consisted of examining and analyzing a local business and developing recommendations for improvement. The initial analysis phase required that we dissect the organization’s public persona, including marketing, branding and history. We then needed to have access into the organization to interview employees and observe general office conditions and dynamics.

The only requirement in choosing an organization to profile was that the group needed access to current and former employees and the inside of the office. While restaurants, bars and breweries have been popular choices among past classes, some of the businesses our class profiled included New Seasons Market, g Diapers, Daimler and Urban Airship.

Our team at the gameOur team at the gameMy group chose to examine the corporate culture of the Portland Trail Blazers business operations. As a longtime Blazer fan, I was thrilled about the opportunity to visit the offices, interview executives and go to a game (which was admittedly more for team building than scholarly purposes!). During our visit to the office, we were given a tour by Finnian McNeff, HR Manager, and we also spoke with three senior executives:

  • Greg Olson, CFO
  • Michele Daterman, SVP of Ticketing and Marketing
  • Traci Reandeau, SVP of Human Resources

The executives spoke to us about leadership styles, corporate culture and some of the most interesting and challenging aspects of their respective positions. Our team was impressed and inspired by their corporate commitment to community outreach and collaboration.

The project had two major highlights for me: 1) touring the broadcast studio, locker rooms and exercise facilities in the Rose Garden and; 2) learning that many of the Trail Blazers executives are MBA graduates!   

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By Mallory Miller: Mallory has experience in marketing, management and sales. She plans to apply her experience, interests, and skills to a career in product marketing and business development. She will graduate from the Portland State full time MBA program in June 2013. You can connect with Mallory on LinkedIn.



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