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How to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions in 2013

It's probably safe to say that all of us have made resolutions we haven't kept in past years. Maybe you even stopped making resolutions because it seemed like there was no point in even trying. Well, in the spirit of keeping resolutions and achieving goals in the New Year, I have compiled a list of ways that the resources available at Portland State School of Business can help you keep some of the most commonly broken resolutions!


Learn a new skill: Current graduate business students can try one of the many great electives offered in the Winter and Spring. From New Venture Financing to Alliances and Acquisitions, students will undoubtedly pick up new and valuable skills for future careers. Prospective students can attend one of the many program info sessions coming up in January -- come find out if one of the graduate business programs here at PSU is right for you!  

Eat better and lose weight: Whether you are a working professional or a busy MBA student, it’s often hard to find the time to go to the gym or pack a healthy lunch. Luckily for PSU graduate business students, the Student Rec Center is right across the street from the School of Business. With everything from a rock climbing wall to an indoor track, staying active is fun and easy. Students can also enjoy the healthy eating options at Laughing Plant and Veggie Grill, located only a few blocks from campus. Plus, Cafe Yumm is located right inside the Rec Center! 

Quit smoking: Starting January 1, Portland State will establish a “Clean Air Corridor” in the heart of campus. Smoking, gas-powered leaf blowers and idling vehicles will all be prohibited in this area near the Park Blocks. Now is the perfect time to kick that bad habit!

Get out of your comfort zone: The School of Business offers networking events throughout the year to give students the opportunity to grow their professional network. These events are a fun way to meet new people and get out of your comfort zone. Connect to Community and the Business Briefing Breakfast Series are just two of the great opportunities for current students to network with alumni, the local business community and other current students. So grab some business cards and get out there in the New Year! 

Travel to new places: The study abroad trips are a great way to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience while earning credits toward your degree. In 2013, PSU graduate business students can take study trips to France, China, Germany, Nicaragua and the Middle East and India. Students attend classes with world-class professors during the week and have the evenings and weekends free to explore a foreign country.

Campus is currently closed until January 2, so I'll sign off now and wish you an early Happy New Year —  best of luck to you with your 2013 resolutions!


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By Mallory Miller: Mallory has experience in marketing, management and sales. She plans to apply her experience, interests, and skills to a career in product marketing and business development. She will graduate from the Portland State full time MBA program in June 2013. You can connect with Mallory on LinkedIn.



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