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Executive Roundtable: Tyson Keever, Founder, SeQuential Biofuels

Students and alumni alike often tell us how much they value the Portland State MBA program's connections to the regional business community. These connections foster learning,  networking and career development through a variety of offerings, including the Executive Roundtable series.

The Executive Roundtable events provide an intimate setting for 10-15 students to meet with an executive to learn about his or her career and industry, and to ask thoughtful questions. The next installment of Executive Roundtable will feature Tyson Keever, Founder of SeQuential Biofuels.

SeQuential Biofuels is a retail biofuels company that provides biofuel blends for every vehicle, with no conversion required. The company opened the first biofuels station in the United States in Eugene, Oregon in 2006, and has developed the largest biofuels retail network in the region with more than 35 biofuel pumps at independent retailers in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

A noted sustainability leader in the region, SeQuential empowers people to make a difference in confronting the biggest issues of our time – global warming, reduced dependence on foreign oil and locally sourced products. SeQuential believes biofuels are the first in a sequential series of better and better steps to improve consumers’ energy options.

As an example, SeQuential leadership points to its Eugene station. After just one year of being in operation, the fuel sold at this station — when compared to gasoline — decreased carbon dioxide emissions by 6.3 million pounds. That’s equal to:

  • Taking 511 cars, trucks and SUVs off the road (for one year), OR
  • Planting and growing 73,273 seedlings (“medium growth conifers”) for ten years, OR
  • Preserving 23 acres of forest from deforestation (0.036 square miles), OR
  • Recycling 1,924,000 pounds of waste (instead of being added to landfill

Tyson KeeverTyson KeeverNext Wednesday, the MBA students will have the opportunity to learn more about SeQuential by visiting with Tyson as he discusses his role as founder, board member and General Manager for SeQuential-Pacific Biodiesel LLC. He leads SeQuential's efforts and support of distributors to sell and support SeQuential-branded Biofuel to fleet customers such as the City of Portland, TriMet, ODOT and various other private fleets. Tyson began working in the Renewable Energy Sector in 2001 with Green Mountain Energy. He was the Regional Sales Coordinator with direct management of several sales professionals who sold green power options to residential power customers.

Tyson joined SeQuential Biofuels in 2003 to open the Portland, OR office. His early efforts focused on building a network of Biodiesel pumps in the region. As part of the SeQuential network, he developed and now maintains SeQuential's distribution partnerships, as well as SeQuential's Biofuels programs that ensure that consistent, quality products reach the end customer. In 2006, he expanded his operational responsibilities as Co-Manager of the SeQuential Pacific Biodiesel LLC operation.

Tyson holds a bachelor's degree from The University of Oregon in Public Planning, Policy and Management, with a minor in Business Administration.


UPDATE (3/4/13): This event has been postponed.


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By Kelly Doherty: Kelly is the Director of Marketing and Recruiting for the Portland State Graduate Business Programs. She leads the global marketing and branding initiatives and student recruitment strategy for five distinct graduate business programs including: MBA, Master of International Management, Master of Science in Financial Analysis, Master of Real Estate Development and the Healthcare MBA programs.You can connect with Kelly on LinkedIn.


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