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MBA Faculty: Bob Harmon Appointed IEEE IT Professional Editor

Congratulations go out to Dr. Robert Harmon, who was appointed editor of IEEE IT Professional Magazine, a peer-reviewed publication of the IEEE  Computer Society for planners, managers, and developers of enterprise information technologies and systems.

Dr. Harmon is a Professor of Marketing and Technology Management and Cameron Research Fellow, and teaches marketing strategy, new products management, and service innovation courses in the MBA and Marketing programs.

Meiru Liu gave three presentations in recent months. In December,  she served as co-chair for a panel and gave a presentation on “Confucius Institute/Classroom and Chinese Teaching in Elementary and Secondary Schools” at the 7th Confucius Conference in Beijing. Later that month, she presented “American K-12 Immersion Chinese Language Education - A Case Study in Oregon” to MA and Ph.D. students in teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages at East China Normal University; Shanghai, China. In February, she presented “New Concept of Teaching Chinese Characters to Speakers of Other Languages – What to Teach? How to Teach?” at the Conference on Second Language Matter in Edmonton, Canada.

Lauren Beitelspacher presented “Understanding the Retailer and Consumer Implications of Showrooming” with colleagues J. Andzulis and A. Rapp at the AMA Winter Educators’ Conference in Las Vegas (February 15-17, 2013).

Kathy Rupley presented “From Stand-Alone CSR Reporting to Integrated Reporting” (co-authored by Darrell Brown and Scott Marshall), and served as discussant for the paper “Are All Standard Audits the Same? Explanatory Language in Standard Audit Reports and Financial Reporting Quality” at the American Accounting Association Audit Conference January 17-19 in New Orleans, LA.

Tom Johnson’s 1986 book, "A New Approach to Management Accounting History," will be reissued by Routledge. The book is a collection of Tom’s articles on management accounting history published in the 1970s by "The Business History Review," "The Accounting Review," "Accounting, Organizations and Society" and other sources. Those articles contributed to the foundation underlying "Relevance Lost: The Rise and Fall of Management Accounting" (Harvard Business School Press, 1987), the book he co-authored with Robert S. Kaplan.


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By Kelly Doherty: Kelly is the Director of Marketing and Recruiting for the Portland State Graduate Business Programs. She leads the global marketing and branding initiatives and student recruitment strategy for five distinct graduate business programs including: MBA, Master of International Management, Master of Science in Financial Analysis, Master of Real Estate Development and the Healthcare MBA programs.You can connect with Kelly on LinkedIn.


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