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Careers in International Supply Chain


One of the most popular Career Management events here at Portland State is the International Supply Chain Careers panel discussion. Careers panels, organized by our Career Management Resources team, are designed to give students insight into possible career paths.

Career panels give students the opportunity to meet professionals in the supply chain industry at numerous locally-based, global companies, including Mercy Corps, Nike, Blount, DHL, and Daimler.

Many of the panelists on a recent panel were also PSU alumni, so they had an intimate understanding of how to translate the Portland State graduate business degree into a career with international organizations.

In addition to being a great way to learn about careers in the supply chain, the panel was a great opportunity for students to network with local business professionals. The discussion was staged in a round-robin format with representatives from the various roles within international supply chain rotating to student tables, giving students the opportunity to ask questions one-on-one.

Panelists discussed trends and challenges in their industries, including working with international teams and innovation. They also talked about the skills that have made them successful in their field. Several of the panelists mentioned “soft skills” like problem-solving and critical thinking as essential when working within a global company.

My colleagues in attendance said they really enjoyed learning more about the field from people currently working in it.

“It was really valuable to hear insights from industry leaders,” said attendee Meghan Rupp, MBA 2013. “Not only did I learn more about supply chain, I made some great connections with local professionals.”


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By Mallory Miller: Mallory enjoys both the creative and analytical elements of marketing. Her primary experience is in digital and social media marketing. She will graduate from the Portland State full time MBA program in June 2013. You can connect with Mallory on LinkedIn.



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