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Student Profile: Joe Marquez (Online MBA '14)

Online MBA student Joe Marquez (MBA ’14) decided to pursue his MBA to advance his career, and says he values the opportunities the program has provided him to connect with the Portland business community.   

Joe has spent much of his professional career working in IT and is an expert in online user experience. He currently works for Reed College in Portland as Web Services Librarian. When it came time to choose an online MBA program, Joe says he understood the importance of the online student experience as well as Portland State's award-winning reputation.

Joe worked for Sonoma State University prior to taking the job at Reed. While there, he decided that an MBA would help him take the next step in his career goals. The degree would give him the knowledge of operations, people management, and sustainability necessary for being a dean at a large university.

Joe considered a few different programs but chose Portland State because of the school’s connections to the business community. It was also important for him to be in Portland to be close to family and enjoy the local culture. 

Even though Joe wanted to pursue an MBA to advance his career, he had some reservations about the time commitment required. As a busy working professional with two kids, Joe needed an online MBA degree to fit his schedule. He says he values the flexibility offered by the online program.

The flexibility of an online degree allows Joe to listen to his lectures at work during lunch or in the evening after the kids go to bed.

"Some of my classmates listen in the car during their commute," says Joe. He has found the professors and coursework to be incredibly engaging and valuable, even though the interactions and curriculum are facilitated online. 

"There have been a lot of great courses," Joe says. "Charla Mathwick's Pioneering Innovation class changed the way I think about problems. Carolyn McKnight's Leadership Development made me think more about self-presentation and working with others. I also enjoyed Cliff Allen's operations class. He showed us that operations is not confined to making products; it can also be applied to services and higher ed." 

Overall, Joe values the connections that he has made with the Portland business community, professors, and online classsmates.

"The PSU program is really flexible and it has opened doors that weren't there before," he says. 

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By Mallory Miller: Mallory has experience in marketing, management and sales. She plans to apply her experience, interests, and skills to a career in product marketing and business development. She will graduate from the Portland State full time MBA program in June 2013. You can connect with Mallory on LinkedIn.


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